The notoriety surrounding the Capone family name stretches throughout history. Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone is one of America's most prolific gangsters, along with his older brother, Raffaele James "Ralph" Capone. The Capone name is one that is instantly recognized and with that, everything that the family was associated with.

Al Capone attained his fame during his seven-year reign as boss of the Chicago Outfit during the prohibition era. Known as public enemy number one, he had controlled almost all of the illegal alcohol moving in Chicago during that era, and was also involved in gambling, prostitution, and a number of other illegal activities. This lifestyle lent itself to extreme wealth - something else the Capone name is associated with. Al Capone was known for his indulgences, such as cigars, drinks, and women, as well as his taste in expensive and flamboyant jewelry. This wealth and his extravagances are well represented in the collection you see here today.

Ralph Capone, a notorious gangster himself, was public enemy number three. Ralph was a trusted front man for the Chicago Outfit, and during the prohibition era was responsible for the bottling plants. Ralph Capone used this as a more legitimate, yet still extremely profitable, means of making money for the Outfit, and grew to become the second largest soft drink vendor during the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago. Being offered in this collection are many reflections from Ralph's life, from items pertaining to prohibition and bootlegging, to RJ Capper items - which was a frequently used alias for the gangster.

Both brothers served prison sentences for tax evasion. When Al Capone was convicted, he entrusted his brother with the responsibility of his possessions, including his signature diamond pinky ring. Ralph Capone served a much shorter prison sentence than his brother, and after he was released,  moved to Mercer, Wisconsin.

It was in Wisconsin where Ralph opened  The Rex Hotel. While it was rumored that he still maintained his ties to the Chicago Outfit, he lived the rest of his life out in the Capone family lodge. A large selection of family items from that lodge are also represented in this collection - with some belonging to Ralph Capone and family, and many possessions from Al Capone himself.

The Capone family has entrusted ATR Estate Sales to help liquidate the family estate from Mercer, Wisconsin. All of the items in this collection are guaranteed to be from that estate and are provided with an affidavit from the family to guarantee their authenticity.  

Mercer Lodge